The Leadership Kerr County Program


Leadership Kerr County is the premier leadership program for our area enabling men and women from all parts of the county to learn more about the issues and topics that face us on a daily basis…everything from education and social services to economic development and health care.  Leadership Kerr County is a nine-month course that informs you, builds your network of professional contacts and helps lay a foundation for future involvement in whatever area you choose. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Leadership Kerr County?


Leadership Kerr County is an intensive nine month program that immerses students in topics that are important to our community -- Economic Development, Social Services, Education, Government, Health Care, Environment, Tourism, Travel & Leisure and others. Leadership Kerr County teaches leadership through team-building and the completion of a class project.


How long has Leadership Kerr County been in existence?


Leadership Kerr County started in 1985 when Si Ragsdale (Camp Stewart) and Leonard Holloway (former chamber executive director) approached Dr. Sam Junkin with Schreiner University about a program for up and coming community leaders to learn more about the many facets of the county. There have been 30 classes of Leadership Kerr County since that time.


How are the classes selected?


Leadership Kerr County classes are selected from nominees who submit applications to the program. Nominees can be by referral or self-nomination and must be residents of Kerr County or work in Kerr County.


How large are the Leadership Kerr County classes?


Each year, not more than a total of 24 men and women are selected to participate in Leadership Kerr County classes. The relatively small size of the class is designed to maximize the learning experience while at the same time allow class members to get to know each other on a one to one basis. The lasting value of Leadership Kerr County can be summed up in the long-term friendships and business associations created by class participation.


If I receive a nomination letter, does that mean I have been selected to participate?


Unfortunately no, your nominating letter is a great first step, and one that you should be proud to receive. The next step is filling out and sending in the application; only when this is accomplished will a candidate be considered for the next class.


When is the Leadership Kerr County class selected?


In August of each year, class members are notified by mail of their acceptance into the program and asked to make a commitment to participate.


What if I miss a class?


Attendance is critical to the success of the Leadership Kerr County experience. We currently enforce a no-tolerance policy with regards to missed sessions. Class members who miss any part of a class may be asked to attend a session in the following year in order to complete the necessary requirements for the program. All applicants must understand that attendance is your first priority in participating in LKC.


Social Proof Statements from Class #28:


Membership in Leadership Kerr County is one of those great opportunities in life when you receive by giving. You give to your community primarily of your time and your expertise. You receive not only a lot of knowledge about the various elements and treasures of this community, but also form bonds of friendship and mutual support from others who are passionate about Kerrville and its people. –Bill Muse


LKC is a powerful tool for rallying, inspiring and equipping leaders to serve in our community. After my nine months in the program, I am more engaged in community involvement and knowledgeable of needs than I have been over my nine years living in Kerrville. - Carlina Villalpando


LKC provides a foundation for the future leaders of Kerr County to become involved, effective citizens within our community. - Justin Hammack


LKC is the best and most effective team building & leadership program I’ve participated in. - Jeff Anderson


Leadership Kerr County builds your network of professional contacts and helps lay a foundation for future involvement in whatever area you choose.  In its 30th year, Leadership Kerr County has more than 500 alumni and now you have an opportunity to apply for this superb learning experience.  Scholarships are available! 

To inquire about the program, contact Angela Mayer at the Chamber.